Safety First

Safety First


Top Management of Sigma NDT Lab. has given top most priority to personal safety and health of human beings namely employees and public. The prevention of occupationally induced hazards is being considered of such a importance that it is given priority over operating consideration where necessary. It is the strategic policy of top management to timely provide the necessary right resources to ensure that personal safety and health related matters are maintained to the highest standard.

In this context, the prudent top management of SITPL has translated the strategic policy for safety in to a well defined Safety Programme in line with guide lines of BARC and implemented in Permanent lab. and all sites. This programme is heartfelt supported by (i) management (ii) Radiation Safety Officer and (iii) Radiographers and (iv) all support staff. CEO bears ultimately responsibility for any calamity.

This safety programme encourages close co-operation between the parties because it is a matter of common interest and as a result Lab. can maintain an enviable safety record and accomplish the goal.


Highlights of Safety programme:

  • Planned Preventive maintenance of hazardous equipments and maintaining the record

  • Provision of physical safeguards and personal protective equipment

  • A regular physical inspection progrmme to identify and report loose ends about unsafe working conditions and practices

  • Conducting a regular training programme to well educate critical personnel with emphasis on safety procedures and safe working conditions,

  • Ensuring adherence to safety and health rules through random audits

  • The prompt investigation and recording of every accident and reporting in order to avoid its recurrence in future

  • Updating and incorporating the latest guidelines of BARC in to the Safety Programme.