Alike human beings, an institution has also to align with and follow nature’s law, commonly termed as “Dhamma”, very sincerely to the extent possible in order to be happy, healthy and prosperous. The prudent management of Sigma NDT Lab. is well aware about this eternal truth and therefore sincerely and diligently endeavors to put following ethics in to day to day practice for overall good of their customers, stack holders, employees and owners.

Ethics pursued

Sigma NDT Lab is sincerely committed to;

  • strictly follow safety rules and regulations while performing any type of NDT activities within the lab. or at sites

  • safeguard basic interests and rights of all employees, suppliers and stack holders,

  • refrain from speaking lie and stealing

  • respect and adhere to prevailing statutory laws, rules and regulations,

  • be honest and transparent in deeds and dealing with others

  • refrain from adultery and alcoholic substances

  • contribute towards fulfilling social responsibility