Good Professional Practices


Good Professional Practices

The top management of Sigma Inspection and Testing Pvt. Ltd. here by heartfelt commits to sincerely, gradually and steadily pursue Good Professional Practices throughout the operations of the NDT laboratory, to the best of their abilities, while providing quality oriented services to their valued customers (The GOD) and thereby continuously enhance the level of Customer Satisfaction and strengthen their Trust.

The profile of GPP contains good quotient of merits as listed below,

  1. All personnel are being educated/trained periodically to enforce safety requirements as stipulated by statutory and regulatory authorities,
  2. Managerial and technical personnel are carefully employed for specific tasks with at least minimum required qualification (education/skill/experience) in line with technical / regulatory standards,

  3. Only Authorized Personnel are designated / deployed to operate uniquely identified equipments and up-to-date instructions on the use and maintenance of equipment are made readily available,

  4. Well defined and result oriented Job Descriptions are issued to all managerial and specific technical personnel for smooth working of laboratory operations,

  5. Personnel engaged for Radiography Testing task are periodically educated / trained through skill enhancement programs in a planned manner to meet their current/future job requirements,

  6. Employee friendly welfare activities (meeting critical / emergency personal needs) are also pursued to enhance peace of mind while on duty to the extent practicable,
  7. Encouragement is sparingly provided to organize in-house (creative games, chess, Carom etc) and outdoor (cricket, volleyball, football etc) sports activities to enhance team spirit,

  8. Defined Code of Dress and Conduct (consuming intoxicants, use of mobiles, abusing fellow workman etc) is followed.

  1. Legally clean identity of the well built (good architecture) laboratory’s premises is maintained,
  2. Statutory and regulatory rules and regulations as applicable to laboratory are adhered,

  3. Employee are fundamentally treated as human beings and friendly pattern of working hours, rest hours, holidays followed in order to minimize negative effect of human factor in the working of the laboratory,

  4. Plant & Equipment installed and used for testing (source camera, material handling devices, measuring instruments/critical consumables etc) are capable of achieving the accuracy required and do comply with specification relevant to the test concerned,

  5. “5 S” technique for Good House Keeping is being pursued while handling of test items,

  1. High status of laboratory as “ISO/IEC 17025:2017 QMS Accredited” is continuously endeavored and maintained through sincerely driving QMS deep in to the organization,

  2. Continuous efforts are made to improve effectiveness of the QMS through the use of QP, IA, AD, CA/PA and MR,

  1. SOPs are strictly followed as per related ASTM, ASME, ANSI, EN and IS Codes and Practices to perform tests in order to meet customers’ stringent requirements,

  2. Document control methodology is systematically followed through a continuously updated Master List,

  3. Proven technique of Root Cause Analysis – RCA is systematically followed to eliminate recurrence of Nonconformance,

  1. Controlled working environment is continuously maintained for the high accuracy or validity of the results of the test carried out,

  2. Laboratory is furnished with all items of measurement and test equipment required for the correct performance of the test including processing and analysis,

  3. Calibrated measuring devices / instruments are only used that meet the laboratory’s specification requirements and complies with the relevant standard specifications,
  4. Critical elements of throughput are purchased and specific services are hired from Approved Suppliers and Service Providers respectively,
  5. Quality Control Procedures for monitoring the validity of tests undertaken such as (i) regular use of CRM and /or IQC using secondary ref. materials (ii) regular participation in ILC (iii) replica tests using same or different methods (iv) Retesting of retained items etc are systematically followed to assure the quality of test results,
  6. Results of each test or series of tests carried out are reported accurately, clearly, unambiguously and objectively and in accordance with any specific instructions in the test methods in a customer friendly / Standard Test Report.
  7. Basis upon which the opinions and interpretations have been made are documented and clearly marked as such in a Test Report,
  8. Steadily endeavoring to enlarge scope of accreditation to cover other related fields of NDT such as UT, LPT, MPT etc.