Why only to select SITPL – a NABL Accredited NDT Lab?

Because we demand and have been continuously experiencing value added services in terms of EthicsQualityTrustworthiness & Dedication.

May we kindly take this opportunity and high light hereunder as to how your well established Foundry / Fabricated items manufacturing facility can bring in more and more Satisfaction of Ultimate Customer through SITPL’s Quality Oriented NDT Services.

One of the most critical aspects of a Quality Castings is its soundness that determines overall Service durability and life span of the final product/equipment – usually tests are conducted on the entire casting to evaluate its critical properties such as (i) Structural load (ii) Pressure and (iii) Rotating Speed. These types of tests check the soundness of the casting as well as its properties.

A combination of NDT – Nondestructive Testing Methods may be required to document the Soundness and quality of a casting. The most common methods are RT, UT, MPT & LPT. A metal casting facility may have internal standards regarding nondestructive testing, but it is up to the end user / customer to specify specific tests or frequency of testing.

When done correctly, radiographic inspection is the best nondestructive method for detecting internal defects, such as shrinkage and inclusions, and the radiograph serves as a permanent record of the casting quality that can be reviewed by multiple personnel.

Here, it is very interesting to note and understand as to how SITPL does perform RT correctly with guarantee. The word correctly encompasses and advocates only following NDT System that provides Satisfaction to Ultimate Customer with trust and authenticity.


Hey, Interested? Know further

As you are well aware that “Gold is Gold” but quality of its purity may range from 12 to 24 carts. For most durable Jewelry items 20 Carat is the standard of quality for its purity and durability and it is guaranteed by a test laboratory which NABL Accredited as per ISO /IEC 17025:2017. This awareness has come since year 2000. Now a day’s even common man prefers Hallmarked Jewelry because it is another form of money.

We trust and believe that your well established organization is also quality oriented and endeavors to provide Satisfaction to Ultimate Customer with trust and authenticity. The overall experience of the end user ultimately decides the growth of Chain of Suppliers / Service Providers and it is a proven fact that quality content of any product/service is very economical in long run.

We therefore submit our kind pray that may touch your sensitive heart – Let us support drive of our Nation “Make in India” and practice a philosophy of Live and let Live.