Quality Motto

  • Sigma NDT Lab. follows basic philosophy of Quality Assurance in providing defect free NDT Testing of Test items received from valued Customers.
  • We guarantee quality of our Test Reports as reliable, functional and durable including post delivery services at optimum rates
  • SITPL is in love with and married to stringent International Quality Standard applicable to NDT Services namely ISO/IEC 17025:2017 as QMS. It is our Dhamma for survival and growth.

Sigma Inspection and Testing Pvt. Ltd.SITPL is genuinely committed to impartiality and confidentiality and shall identify risks to its impartiality on an on-going basis throughout while heartfelt serving our valued front line and end user customers. The competence and consistent operation of the laboratory activities shall be continuously enhanced to meet the changing needs of our valued customers through…

  1. Ensuring that policies and objectives of QMS (ISO/IEC 17025:2017) are acknowledged and implemented at all level of the laboratory organization,

  1. Continuously educating, training through skill improvement projects and molding our core group to meet specific requirements of our valued customers,

  1. Conducting intelligent Audit and critical MR to eliminate bugs of QMS and thus providing fleeting NDT services to customers that delight them,

  1. Quickly reacting to nonconformity occurred and creatively endeavoring to eliminate recurrence to the best of our abilities,

  1. Identifying and selecting opportunities for improvement and implementing any necessary action in shortest possible time to achieve purpose and objectives of the laboratory,

  1. Continuously considering the risks associated with the laboratory activities in order to (i) give assurance for QMS to achieve its intended results and (ii) preventing or reducing undesired impacts and potential failures in the laboratory activities,

  1. Achieve Customer Satisfaction Index on critical aspects of NDT services up to = or > 95 %,

  1. Monitor, control and accomplish Reshoot of total radiographs produced in Sq. Inch. to a level = or < 3 %,

  1. Strictly ensure safety measures as per AERB Safety Code No.: AERB/RF-IR/SC-1(Rev.1) and accomplish Zero Accident Event,

  1. Up-grade qualified trainees and regular staff to (i) BARC Level I4 No. (ii) BARC Level II 2 No. And (iii) NDT Level II 2 No.

  1. Prevent and reduce undesired impacts and potential failures as per Doc. No.: TR-805.1c)

  • Also, DRDO – Defence R & D Organization
  • Ministry of Defence and
  • Government of India approved Test House